The Key Lime Festival
What's More American Than Key Lime Pie?
Key West, FL USA
July 4-7, 2019

World's Largest Key Lime Pie

Presented By the Key Lime Kings (David Sloan, Marky Pierson & Paul Menta)

Presenting Sponsors: Legal Rum, Key Lime Festival, Curry Mansion
Date: November 30, 2019 (Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend)
Location: Curry Mansion
Time: Noon - 5pm

Mission: Shatter the world record for the World's Largest Key Lime Pie with a 15-foot mammoth prepared by the island's most respected pie makers that let's the world know Key Lime Pie was first created in the Florida Keys, not a New York City test kitchen.

History of Key Lime Pie

Proof of the Origins of Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys


A 1939 article that states the recipe has been used by the Blackwell Family of Key West for over half a century. 
1939 50 Year Old Lime Pie Recipe Blackwell.pdf
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1939 Miami Herald Article


January 25, 1928 - Overseas Highway Opens

A 1946 article from The Miami Herald mentions the variations in textures. "A lime pie made like they were in the days when there were no roads in the keys and we were youngsters, required a good many more eggs..." - Claude Lowe, Fish & Wild Life Conservationist, born 1909.
John Pennekamp Key Lime Pie 1946 Important Coffee.pdf
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quote from 1946 miami herald article
proof of claude lowe
1946 article from The Miami Herald


The Green Lantern Tea Room Menu listed in a 1926 Issue of The Key West Citizen lists Lime Pie as a Dessert Menu Item.
1926 issue of The Key West Citizen


"Many tents had been erected on the man-made desert that was Trumbo for the comfort oft he thirsty and hungry throngs. Baked ham and pork sandwiches were consumed as fast as the church ladies could turn them out. Wooden wine barrels filled with Key Lime juice, mixed with sugar, syrup and cooled with chucks of ice made a limeade that could not be equaled. Guava pie and fresh coconut ice cream also hit the spot. Other raters on the menu were turtle stew, crawfish enchilada and conch chowder, topped off with genuine Key Lime Pie."
-- From the journal of Marvin Thompson (born Key West, 1900) describing the arrival of Flagler's first train in Key West.


1960 Florida Keys Sun Article citing Fern sold her famous Key Lime Pie starting in 1926. 
1960 Florida Keys Sun article