World's Largest Key Lime Pie  8' Diameter

World's Largest Pie Photos by Tom Flip
Key West may be a small island, but when it comes to Key Lime Pie, we go big. How big you ask? World record big! We want you to be a part of the Lime flavored magic.

Four ambitious islanders are attempting to make the biggest Key Lime Pie in the world. They wont say how big, but intend to smash the current record of 15’. The pie is rumored too big to be contained by 4 walls, so the City of Key West has reserved an entire block of Greene Street in front of Old City hall exclusively for the record pie and those who want to get a taste of the world record action.

Downtown Key West In Green Street Near Duval Street

The Key Lime Piestravaganza! is FREE to attend. Slices of the World Record Key Lime Pie are available to all with a suggested donation of just $1.00 to benefit the newly opened Key West Firehouse Museum. Balloons, banners and an appearance by the infamous Key Lime Kirby will only add to the excitement.

Attempting the record are Key Lime Pie Cookbook author, David L. Sloan, Key Lime Festival Co-Founder Marky Pierson, Key West Key Lime Pie Company owner, Jim Brush and Extreme Chef Paul Menta. Their combined superpowers are guaranteed to create the finest Key Lime Pie in the land - or at the very least- the largest Key Lime Pie in the universe!

The Mile High Key Lime Pie Eatin’ Contest!

10 brave contestants. 10 freshly baked Key Lime Pies. 10 inches of whipped cream topping. 1 Champion. Do you have what it takes to go the extra mile?
Check in at The Mile High Key Lime Pie Stand during the Piestravaganza! and put your money where your mouth is. $20 entry fee benefits The Key West Firehouse Museum.
Don’t settle for any Key Lime Pie. Demand a Key Lime Piestravaganza! An event so hot, they will probably set off fireworks when it is over.

World’s Largest Key Lime Pie Fun Facts

·      The pie contains enough sweetened condensed milk to fill 880 margarita glasses. 
·      The graham cracker crumbs weigh more than a family of Key Deer.
·      If stacked one on top of another, the Key limes juiced for the pie would tower 62 stories above Key West’s tallest building.
·      Bees tapped an estimated 6 million flowers and flew 3000 times the length of the Overseas Highway to produce honey for the pie.
·      The pie contains enough brown sugar to give a pound to each of the roughly 40 Hemingway cats.
·      Key West is known for her chickens, but none of their eggs were used in the world’s largest Key Lime Pie. 

World's Largest Pie Facts

  • 5760 Key Limes
  • 55 gallons sweetened condensed milk
  • 200 pounds of graham crackers
  • 41 pounds of brown sugar
  • 8 pounds of honey
  • 112 pounds of butter
  • 3 top secret ingredients
  • 2,369 gallons of Key West LOVE!

Timeline July 4th , 2013

  • The Key Lime Piestravaganza! kicks off at 12 Noon
  • Mile High Key Lime Pie Eating Contest at 12:30p
  • World Record Key Lime Pie Unveiling Ceremony: 2pm
  • Pie served to the entire island: 2:30
Jim Brush - Key West Key Lime Pie Co