The Key Lime Festival
What's More American Than Key Lime Pie?
Key West, FL USA
June 30- July 4, 2018
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​You can’t come to Key West without sampling a slice of Key Lime Pie, so why not attend the annual Key Lime Festival? ... Read More!
​Florida is known for many delicious items such as juicy oranges and sweet strawberries. One other food item that comes to mind is the ever-popular key lime that is used for a Florida favorite - Key                                                          lime pie. ... Read More!
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Key West man wins Key lime pie-eating contest in 1 minute, 18 seconds... Read More!
Key West man wins key lime pie eating contest... Read More!
World's Largest Key Lime Pie Served In Tallahassee. Watch Videos!
Salute sweet Key lime pie and the tiny fruit that inspired it with events ranging from a pie-eating contest to... Read More!
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[Slideshow] Robert Cintron takes notes while Paul Menta reads a measure of the diameter of a giant Key lime pie... Read More!
Bakers in Florida prepared a 2.5-metre key lime pie at Key West's Key Lime Festival... Read More!


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