The Key Lime Festival
What's More American Than Key Lime Pie?
Key West, FL USA
July 4-7, 2019

Thursday, July 4th | 10 AM-12 Noon

The WorldKey Lime Pie Eating Championship!  ​

Southernmost Beach Cafe | 1405 Duval Street | $20 to Compete. Free to Watch

Enter the Contest to Eat & Win!

Do you have what it takes to be crowned the Key Lime Pie Eating World Champion? Register if you think you can devour a 9" Key Lime Pie topped with a mountain of whipped cream faster than the competition. This world famous event receives national media exposure and ranks among the sweetest competitive eating contests around.  Doors open at 10am. Contest starts at 11am. Free to watch. Entries are just $20 and include notoriety, a Key Lime Pie and the chance to be a champion.

Cheer on the Champions!

​Not up for the challenge?  Take a front row seat and cheer the champions as our brave contestants tie their hands behind their backs and dive face first into a mountain of Key Lime goodness. These pie eaters don't mess around. The whipped cream is piled high, and with two past champions competing, this is without a doubt the best way to start your 4th of July. The event is free to watch and you just might end up on TV. Food, drinks, and Key Lime pie you can eat as slowly as you like are available for purchase at the Southernmost Beach Cafe. 

The Time to Beat!

The current record for eating a 9" Key Lime Pie is held by Trey Bergman of Texas who devoured the entire pie in 51.92 seconds! He beat the previous record of 62 seconds, held by Elliot Zeller of Sunrise, FL. Will you be the one to take Trey's Championship Belt away?

Highlights from the 2018 Key Lime Pie Eating Contest

Meet the Contestants from the 2016 Key Lime Pie Eating Contest

Official Rules

  • Please note that all decisions made by judges are final. The official rules are intended as a guideline for spectators and participants. 
  • Each contestant will be served a 9” diameter Key lime pie topped with whipped cream. You do not have to eat the whipped cream, but you must eat the entire pie. 
  • You may not use your hands. They must be kept behind your back at all times. Use of hands will result in a warning, and maybe disqualification if you do it often and intentionally. 
  • The contestant who finishes the pie in the shortest amount of time wins the contest. Judges will determine if the entire pie was completed, but as a rule of thumb, no portions of the pie measuring more than ½ inch should remain. Key Lime Pie is goobly gobbly, so judging 1/2 inch sections can be difficult. In the event of goobly gobbly, the judges will make the best call they can. Judges decisions are final. 
  • When a contestant believes they have finished the pie, they must stand up and put both arms in the air. Judges will immediately inspect the pie to verify. 
  • Visible signs of sickness may result in disqualification. 
  • In the event of a tie, the contestant wearing the most whipped cream and the biggest smile will be named the winner. 
  • Contestants will be issued safety goggles. Things can get messy, so bringing an extra shirt is advised. 
  • The Championship Belt will be presented to the winner. 

2017 & 2018 Champion

Trey Bergman defended his title for the 2nd year in a row! 
2017 Mile High Pie Eating Contest Winner Trey Bergman
Key Lime Festival Production Team
Key Lime Festival Pie Eating Contest at the Sunset Pier
Mile High Key  Lime Pie Eating Contest 2017 Winner Trey Bergman

Key Lime Pie Eating Championships Gallery

Photos Courtesy of Larry Blackburn / Marky Pierson / Nick Doll