Key Lime Pie Championships

Be the first to sample pies from contestants vying for the blue ribbon in the Conch, Amateur and Professional Divisions of The 2013 Key West Key Lime Pie Championships. $10 Admission includes 5 selections from the sampling table and a ballot to cast your vote for the Peoples Choice Award.  Wine tasting, music, prizes for best Key Lime Pie attire, & a special visit from Key Lime Kirby will make this an unforgettable event for the entire family. It doesn’t get more American than Key Lime Pie!  Tix via PayPal $10 or in the Hemingway Garden on the day of the event. Entry includes the tasting and audience judging of the entries. 

Key Lime Pie Entries- Deadline For Entry July 4th, 2013

  • Entrants must provide two pies for each recipe entered.
  • An entry fee of $10/recipe ($5/pie) must be paid in advance at or accompany your entry when dropped off for judging.
  • All pies must be completely prepared by the entrant and delivered to the Hemingway Home on July 5th, 2013 between 10:45 am and 11:45 am.
  • Pie racks and Dry Ice will be available on premise. Pies must be kept below 45 degrees F prior to delivery.
  • Each pie should be clearly labeled with the entrants name, phone number, category ( Amateur or Professional) and the name of the pie entry. Judging is blind. We will not include your name or the name of your establishment for the judges.
  • Winners will be announced around 1:45 pm on July 5th. The judges’ decisions are final and binding.
  • Each pie entry will be judged by 5 judges on the following criteria:
  • The judging criteria will be based on a 1-9 point system. All category points will be added to determine the winner. In the event of a tie, the judges will re-judge the pies until a winner is decided.

Key Lime Pie Judging Criteria

First Impression: 
•Pre-Slice Score (includes general appearance, consistency of pie elements)
•After-Slice Score (based on degree of firmness and ease of slicing)
•Impression of First Taste Score

A Closer Look:
•Flavor (strength and balance of appropriate flavors)
•Mouth Feel (appropriate consistency)

Overall Impression:

•Originality of Pie

Cash Bar, Key Lime Martinis, Beer & Water provided by:

2013 Guest Judges

Anne Marrero, Clayton Lopez, Rob Oniel, Richard Talmadge, Tania Beguinati

1st Place Professional

1st - Tee Patino
Blue Heaven
2nd - Layla Barr 
Ginger & MaryAnn
3rd - Denise Lear
 Traditional - Square One

1st Place Amateur

1st Stephanie Kaple
Key Lime Pie Cheesecake
2nd Jennifer Morris
Flip Flop Morris
3rd Scott Pinto
Orange Marmalade

Peoples Choice

1st Tony Lazarus
Key West Spice Company
2nd Mike Wilson 
Michaels's Restaurant
3rd Scott Pinto &
Katheryn Pischel


Blue Ribbons will be awarded in the  Amateur, Professional and People’s Choice Divisions.

Winners in each division will receive bragging rights, publicity and a trophy noting their achievement.

Hemingway Home & Gardens

Championships held at the Hemingway House Gardens & Pool
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$10 dollars - each pie entry (includes admission to the tasting)
$10 dollars - entry to tasting (non pie entry per person)

*Pies do not have to follow the 'traditional' Key Lime Recipe


Key Lime Pie Entries are divided into 2 brackets. Entry is $10 via Pay Pal. Current Entries Listed Below.

Stephanie Kaple (2)
Kayla Kessler (1)
Susan Dekeyser (1)
Ann Pryor Lott (1)
Travis Smith (1)
Scott Pinto  (2) Lighthouse Inn
​Sherry Chatham-Brenner (1)
Jennifer Morris
James Wade

Kathryn Pischel

Susan Boyle - Susans Desserts
Denise Leary -  Square One
Jason Westphal- Ocean Key Resort and Spa
Andrea Spring - Sign of the Mermaid Restaurant
Jon Stockton - The Six Toed Cat
Chef Michael- Michael's Restaurant
Layla Barr - Pastry Chef
Mike Mosi- Azur Restaurant
Pat Dunn - Chef - Charlie Mac's
Michael Schultz- Exec Chef- Croce- Frozen Key Lime Lolipop
Mick Pera -Rum Barrel- Key Lime Tart-
Tommy Radziejewski -Turtle Kraals- Fried Frozen
Sebastian Pilch -Half Shell- Traditional
(2) Ben Teague - Southernmost Cafe Exec Chef
Theresa Paturno - Blue Heaven 
Valarie Enters - Pastry Chef