The Key Lime Festival
What's More American Than Key Lime Pie?
Key West, FL USA
July 2-4, 2016
4th Annual
Lil' Miss Key Lime 2013
Lil' Miss Key Lime 2013- Photos by Nick Doll
The Key Lime Festival is seeking enthusiastic contestants for its inaugural Lil' Miss Key Lime pageant on July 6, 2013, at the Southernmost Hotel Collection's Pineapple Pool.  Contestants must be between the ages of 6 and 10, and will be judged on talent, personality and Key Lime costume. No past pageant experience is necessary. Fun, age-appropriate costumes are encouraged; tanning, fake hair and excessive make up are not. Think “Little Miss Sunshine,” not “Honey Boo Boo.” 
Pageant will be held at 12 noon on July 6th, at the Pineapple Pool at the Southernmost Hotel at 1319 Duval Street .  Contestants (Girls & Boys can enter) will each participate in a brief interview at which time they will to read an original eight-line poem celebrating the Florida Key's Key Limes and/or Key Lime Pie. Following the interview, contestants will perform a two-minute routine to the song of their choice. Routine options could include dance, gymnastics, lip-synching etc. Talents of all kinds welcome, a sense of humor is highly encouraged. (photo Tom Flip)

Four Components for Lil' Miss

  • Interview (1 min - name and introduction- with pageant host)
  • Key lime poem (submitted in advance; read aloud)
  • Talent (2 mins max; song submitted in advance)
  • Key lime smile ( Participants have to suck on a key lime and smile for the camera)

Lil' Miss Prizes & Awards

First place prizes: $50, A Key Lime Pie Co. gift certificate & Key Lime Pie Cook Book
First runner up prizes: $25, A Key Lime Pie Co. gift certificate & Key Lime Pie Cook Book
Second place prizes:  A Key Lime Pie Co. gift certificate & Key Lime Pie Cook Book
Additional Awards for:    “Miss Showbiz”    “Best Key Lime Smile”    “Poet Laureate” 

 Lil Miss FAQ's

  • Original poem and music file must be submitted along with registration application. Registration is $20 -  No later than July 3rd, 2013.  Email Festival Coordinators
  • Mailing Address : Wonderdog Productions 600 white street, Key West Fl, 33040
  • Registration will be limited to the first 20 applicants. 
  • What contestants wear for the interview is what they’ll perform their talent in. 
  • Reserved seating in front for one parent per entrant. 
  • Changing room “back stage” with mirror, and chairs will be provided.
  • Contestants must arrive by 11 am to the Pineapple Pool Stage.

Registration Form Information

Please copy and paste information below in an email , or download the file and fill out the form then mail to address listed above

Child name:
Child birthdate:
Child’s grade (as of 2013-14 school year):
Child’s school:
Child’s favorite hobbies:
What does child want to be when she grows up:
Parent/guardian name:
Phone number:
Email address:
Original poem, no more than 8 lines (please attach/include)
Song title:
Song file (MP3, MP4, etc) - Email File 
If song isn’t already cut to two minutes, please designate start and stop time of song:
Payment information: PayPal, Credit via phone, Check - Wonderdog Productions
Is your child allergic to limes? 
Photo release form for minor :
Legal Notices:
Parent/Guardian name:
Parent/Guardian signature:
Signature date:

Simone Mcsherry
Lil'Miss 2013


Pageant Host
Hunny Bunz!

Lil Miss Key Lime Host Hunny  Bunz 2013
Photo Marky Pierson

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Photo Release Form

This form will have to be signed be each entrant parent. 
I (we) the undersigned, hereby waive and release all rights we may have regarding ownership or use of photographs bearing my (our) image taken for the purposes of public relations for the Key LIme Festival, and grant permission to Wonderdog Productions to use and display said photographs for commercial or noncommercial use for said company including film, video tape, still production or publications.
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